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These vChill cooling pads are a lifesaver for my postpartum recovery! After experiencing perineal tears and stitches, these pads provided instant relief and comfort. My pain was tremendous before using these pads, now its providing soothing relief . Highly recommend for any new mom.
I can't thank vChill enough for creating these cooling pads! They made the recovery process after childbirth much more manageable. The soothing sensation they provide is exactly what every new mom needs.Must Buy all moms.
Nira Koushika
vChill's 2 in 1 cooling pads are a game-changer for postpartum care. They effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by perineal tears and stitches, allowing me to focus on bonding with my newborn.
As a new mom, I was apprehensive about postpartum recovery, but vChill's cooling pads made all the difference. The relief they provide is unmatched, and I wouldn't go through postpartum without them!
Bharathi Priya
I'm so grateful for Bump2Cradles Vchill cooling pads! They helped me through the toughest part of postpartum recovery with ease. The cooling sensation is incredibly soothing, providing much-needed relief.
Lakshana Madu
These cooling pads from Bump2Cradle , Vchill are a must-have for any new mom! They provided such relief after childbirth, especially with perineal tears and stitches. I don't know how I would have managed without them.
These cooling pads are pure magic! After giving birth, they were a saving grace for the discomfort caused by perineal tears. I highly recommend them to any mom looking for relief during postpartum recovery.
I can't speak highly enough of vChill's 2 in 1 cooling pads! They made my postpartum recovery so much easier, especially with the pain from perineal tears and stitches. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!
Shwetha Bandari
These cooling pads are a game-changer for postpartum recovery! Bought it for my wife.Bump2Cradle’s innovative design provided the perfect amount of relief for my perineal tears and stitches. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Thank you, vChill, for making postpartum recovery a little bit easier with your cooling pads! They provided instant relief for the discomfort caused by perineal tears and stitches. Every new mom should have these in their postpartum care kit!